Pheasant Hunting in Wisconsin

This is a 3-4hr hunt, depending on weather. On hotter days in the fall – above 70*F, this trip will be limited to the amount of time the dog(s) can tolerate the heat. Be prepared to walk, as pheasants on public land in Wisconsin are notoriously crafty. The terrain, depending on location, is usually mild. We have covered up to 7 miles on this hunt in the past. Limited to 2 guests, $50 per guest. Includes how two methods to clean a pheasant and a cooking course of the guest(s) choice. Battered and fried pheasant with a side of mac n cheese is always popular; we also offer a creamy pheasant and wild rice soup with homemade bread option that is phenomenal.

What to Expect

This experience involves a lot of walking and can be very fast paced. We recommend a very good pair of waterproof boots, a good pair of brush pants, and excellent socks. Weather in WI varies wildly, so plan accordingly for 70F – 30F. We will pre-determine a location to meet and will meet in the DNR parking lot of the chosen starting property. Guide can pick you up if necessary, depending on where you are staying.

Gear & Equipment

The gun that fits the best – can borrow a shotgun from the outfitter, I have multiple 12gauges and a 20g

Weapon Details

Shotguns preferred, could use a bow

Pricing Details

$50 per guest, up to two guests. $50 per gun to rent Guide can purchase shells ahead of time for guests. Guests would be responsible for reimbursing guide the cost of the shells.


All Accommodations are at the choice of the guest. We can make recommendations for all situations, air-bnb / VRBO are usually a great option in our area for a comfortable place to stay.


Disabled hunters COULD be accommodated, depending on their mobility – IE wheelchairs on tracks would not be a problem.

Physical Requirements

We could end up walking 6-7 miles on this hunt, so be prepared to carry up to 10lbs – between gun, shells, water, and snacks

Permit & Tag Application Process

Hunter's Safety Required Small Game License Required Pheasant Stamp Required

Terms & Conditions

Safety is our number 1 priority. How to Hunt Outfitters is here to help new hunters learn how to hunt and have fun doing so. However, the Guide reserves the right to, at any time, cancel or cut short a hunt, without reimbursement, if safety becomes an issue. Fifty-percent deposit required 30 days before this hunt. Refundable if canceled 7 days prior.


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